A Leg Up in Nursing


I asked my deck about my development in nursing and received A Leg Up (Reversed) but felt the prosperity meaning (career) as well as the protection meaning (for reversed cards) meant something to me –  seeking advice from a mentor who has been where I want to be (i have 2 in mind), who I would like help from. Help is available to me and will be there. Delegate authority, i don’t have to do anything by mself – I have a team to help me (if I can just stop stressing out and pushing them away because of my expressing my stress) if only i have trust and faith. I can not and do not have to do this by myself, this belief i have to is actually hindering me. Admitting I need help makes me vulnerable but here lies my lesson. Shift my belief and expectation and watch me go!


What does my week ahead hold?


Monday & Tuesday:
Reconnect to Divine and the power of prayer. Communicate my worries, concerns, desires, hopes. Feel the connection again. Notice the effects that happens around me. Trust in that higher connection.

Wednesday & Thursday:
Feel and appreciate what I have. Gratitude goes a long way and has powerful positive effects.
I will draw towards myself more of what you truly need and want.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday:
Allow my emotions to erode the hardness I have built my heart to be. Allow the light and heat to burn away and love the way I am built to. I am capable. Trust in another.

Over riding Theme of all cards:
Love, Connection & Intimacy.
Being open to what is there but has been forgotten or disconnected from.

3 Steps Forward Then 5 Steps Back

In November 2011 I started my spiritual journey. I have learnt much and enjoyed the journey. Learning from lots of sources and revisiting old interests as well as learning new things.

Felt like I was moving on, clicking, resonating and really going forward.

Until recently.

Now I am stuck.

Feel lost again.

And not sure which way to turn.

It is so strange and quite frustrating.

Maybe I have took in too much but nothing in much depth. 
I think I have found things I want to learn in depth but can’t concentrate on them.

I am no longer sure who or what I am or what I want.

I am more in touch with my shadow self lately. I can’t ignore it and must accept it.

I am not a perfect human being and nor am I meant to be.

It feels like there is a purpose to this whole feeling though.

To feel lost and begin again.

To turn inward and find myself and who I am.

One moment at a time. No expectation. Going with the flow.

I am asking for signs and will go where I am guided in the time that is meant.

No more pushing. No more expecting.

Divine Spirit please show me a sign of what I need to know next.

I trust and accept.