Fertility Fork on the Road…


I decided to ask my deck;
What do I need to know to successfully become pregnant?
I receive Fork in the Road and tells me I have to make a decision to go forward one way or another.
To not make a decision is also a decision.
So I know that I can either go on the way I am  – continue eating junk, not lose weight, not go back to the Dr’s, not take metformin, not attempt to take clomid to ovulate.
Or I can clean up my act and do all of the above plus Reiki, meditation more regularly etc
Either choice has it’s own set of lessons and therefore no decision is wrong.



Written on 5th May 2016:
I received the Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Collette Baron-Reid from my in-laws for my birthday and I sent Reiki to the deck to cleanse them and drew my first card for myself and it was perfect.

I have an urgent sense of rushing to get things done and to be honest it stresses me out, puts me on edge and makes me a not very nice person – snappy and impatient when I should be calm and mature, dealing with issues calmly, it brings up a lot of guilt and it is a vicious cycle by putting more pressure on myself.

So this card is saying patience is the key – slow down and trust – BREATHE, allow air to energise me. Also get the need for air in the literal sense, I am lacking fresh air because i stay inside all the time, and get too comfortable (stems back from depression phases). I am debating whether to go for a walk right now and find myself making excuses lol, but I think I will…. so a walk in nature here I come….

The Husbands Lenormand Reading

My husband is impressed with the reading he requested. He wanted to know what his shift would hold for him after being off sick.

Before his shift I told him it could either mean that recognition would be given through written communication and will be long term OR his skills would be recognised through his CV for a new job with a long term proper contract (current job is a zero working hours contract).

After his shift he explained what had happened.
He went in to find his suggestions had been implemented and enforced in writing, people had worried about him being ill, had a cake brought for him and the changes he suggested are here to stay long term

(Deck used: Blue Owl with English verses)

DAN'S READING 15.08.13