Mindfulness June Challenge [2]

Question: What am I attached to?
I drew: Mending

I am attached to holding on to pain by not fully understanding it and allowing myself to learn from it. I think I have forgiven and moved on for it to come back again at a later time. It is time to mend things for good, for my peace of mind. To heal myself.
How to do this properly is going to be a learning curve and I am sure a lot of inner work and meditation is due.

When it hurts….

Last night I was laying in bed and fretting about work as I normally do when my mind was taken to what has happened to my career over the past few months and I was hit by grief. I felt utter sadness and pain at the loss of stability and happiness.
I didn’t know what to do with myself but instead of blocking it out and distracting myself I decided to really feel the sensations my body was having.
I allowed myself to feel my heart, throat and solar plexus – the heaviness and the pull. The unexplainable sensations were felt deeply and completely….

And then I called on the Angels and asked them for help…….. my breathing slowed
and then the pain was gone, I felt peace and my mind was calm.
I slept well.

Thank you Angels x


Same Old, Same Old

The same old, same old.
It has not left me.

But have I really tried?

Have I really committed to change?


Plainly and simply I have not tried. Not truly.

Just brushed it under the carpet.

Pretending I can do better next time. Laying dormant, sleeping.

And next time comes and it’s still there. It rears it ugly head, grows and grows until it explodes.

I know it, I feel it and then I don’t care and don’t even bother to stop it.

It explodes and leaves devastation, perhaps even consequences I am even unaware of.

Unhealthy for all.


It will go on and on. If I let it.

I have the power to stop it.

I truly do.

One day I will use my heart and my brain together.

One day I will change because I realise I can’t do it this way any more.

I am too tired doing it this way.

I feel exhausted at my way all the time, even when I am at supposed peace.

I still feel that tiredness even now.

That day is coming. I know it is.

My reaction to the same old, same old is going to change.

Because in my heart I am ready.






Realizing Sacredness

I am in my garden near my door and the rosebush by the door.  It is staring to get dark.
I am doing something (can’t remember what) and all of a sudden I feel an inner awareness that what I am doing is actually connecting, being done with purpose. It is a ritual. I am aware of the soil I am near and also become aware that I have my clear quartz crystal in my hand as I am going about whatever it is I am doing, that the crystal is also part of my ritual.
I am calm and enjoying this awareness and peace. I know what I am doing instinctively. It is natural and part of me.

Now thinking about it I realise that I could make a sacred space quite easily and/or make anything I do part of a sacred space and it doesn’t have to be static.

More importantly, I will know what I am doing when the time is right, it will come naturally – not forced because I feel I should be able to do it.
I am connected to Source and I know what I am doing deep down. It has to happen of it’s own accord.



Thoughts on Striving to be Spiritual…?

I have been thinking….. Dangerous I know lol…..

A lot of us spend our moments thinking we are not good enough – that we must be better, more spiritual, perfect etc

But we already are perfect in truth, as souls we choose to be human, to experience duality, we already know perfection, light, peace, harmony etc and we come here to learn the duality.
We as souls want to know and experience everything that is human – the good and bad -only it is not judged good and bad it just is.

So should we put ourselves through the suffering we do by our mental expectations and thoughts?

Maybe its time we were kind and patient with ourselves and relax, knowing we are exactly where we are meant to be right now. And we always will be.

Don’t push the river because it will flow in its own way in its own time 🙂


Meditation Focus


Last night I asked the angels for something to meditate on and think about and here was their response ……
The card


My own thoughts on the card:
It asks us to see ourselves and others through the eyes of the angels.
To be kind and loving, accept ourselves and others for what we truly are, not by what we do – nothing is ever what it seems on the surface……
Understanding and acceptance helps us love and forgive ourselves. Being and acting in love means we are in less pain and find peace with ourselves. Let go of negativity because we only cause ourselves anger, frustration and sadness by holding onto our hurts.