Fertility Fork on the Road…


I decided to ask my deck;
What do I need to know to successfully become pregnant?
I receive Fork in the Road and tells me I have to make a decision to go forward one way or another.
To not make a decision is also a decision.
So I know that I can either go on the way I am  – continue eating junk, not lose weight, not go back to the Dr’s, not take metformin, not attempt to take clomid to ovulate.
Or I can clean up my act and do all of the above plus Reiki, meditation more regularly etc
Either choice has it’s own set of lessons and therefore no decision is wrong.



Written on 5th May 2016:
I received the Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Collette Baron-Reid from my in-laws for my birthday and I sent Reiki to the deck to cleanse them and drew my first card for myself and it was perfect.

I have an urgent sense of rushing to get things done and to be honest it stresses me out, puts me on edge and makes me a not very nice person – snappy and impatient when I should be calm and mature, dealing with issues calmly, it brings up a lot of guilt and it is a vicious cycle by putting more pressure on myself.

So this card is saying patience is the key – slow down and trust – BREATHE, allow air to energise me. Also get the need for air in the literal sense, I am lacking fresh air because i stay inside all the time, and get too comfortable (stems back from depression phases). I am debating whether to go for a walk right now and find myself making excuses lol, but I think I will…. so a walk in nature here I come….

The Message of the Pelican

Yesterday, I opened my Symbol dictionary randomly and twice on the PELICAN, so I am assumed there is a message there =)

“Self-sacrificing love – a symbolism based on an old legend that pelicans tore their breasts to draw blood to feed their young. The earliest Christian bestiary drew an analogy between the pelican’s reviving it’s young with its blood and Christ’s shedding his blood for human kind. The pelican sometimes appears in Crucifixion paintings with this meaning, and can represent Charity in still life’s and filial devotion in heraldry. It represents Christ’s human nature when paired with the phoenix.”


Today I have also found the Pelican in my Power Animal Card deck by Steven D. Farmer;


“Let Go of your judgements”

“Each time you judge yourself, or others, you immediately create the illusion of separation – separation from your environment, from other human beings , and most critically, separation from the Creator and all of creation. Immersing yourself in the illusion creates pain that manifests as hurt, anger or even attack in words or deed. And if you stop and reflect, you’ll find what you judge in others is really a projection of a shadow aspect of yourself. Therefore, the source of these judgements is not just contained in the other – it’s something in yourself that you may not be aware of.
Once  you realize how judgements separate, there’s an opportunity to forgive – first, the transgressions or shortcomings,  then yourself as you identify the shadow aspect in you that you had projected on this individual. In the light of this realization, all illusion of separation  vanishes. This is  true forgiveness – not an empty mantra you repeat over and over again in order to support some false notion of forgiveness, but a genuine release of any and all judgements. When you’ve  forgiven, this act returns you to a state of love, acceptance and peacefulness.
You’ll know when this has happened because you’ll feel the natural and tranquil state of unity with the Creator and all of creation.”



Oracle Card for 4th May 2013


From my Mary, Queen of Angels deck by Doreen Virtue

I asked Mother Mary:
What message would you like me to share today?”

And her answer was;
The card’s affirmation for us is: “Love is the answer to all of my questions“.

My thoughts on this card;
Take a moment to think about what love means to you? Is it really a feeling? Or a state of being? Could you accept you are love? Pure love in truth, the real you.  Love is kind and gentle, all encompassing. We must love ourselves before we can fully love others. Accept yourself, be kind to yourself, treat yourself well. Be who you are and allow that love for you to heal your darkness and trouble – your own light will melt the darkness and become light again.

The card’s actual message;
“This card reminds you that feeling loved is your true desire, and this very condition is continuously offered to you by God, Jesus, Mother Mary , and the angels. Surround your current situation and relationships with love, which will loosen the bonds of ego attachments. When you pray for love to heal your situation, God sends angels to your side.
Mother Mary counsels you to use only loving words when you speak, think or write. Avoid pessimistic discussions with yourself or others, as it’s essential for you to surround yourself with the highest energy available. By doing so you will witness miraculous healings, experience new opportunities and attract wonderful relationships.”

Me again:
Belief in the self is so powerful. Please believe in you and your inner power that is love.