Mindfulness June challenge [1]

Ok, I need to do a huge catch up with this challenge.
So for day one the question is:

Where in my life am I suffering?
I drew Milk & Honey in the protection position (reversed).


“A nameless unease compels you to turn to pleasure and comfort as a means to escape what is really going on.”
This is incredibly true – I have this permanent feeling of being on edge and very anxious and I mean it when I say it never leaves me. It drives my actions, every negative thing I think, say and do is based on this feeling.
I do try to escape this fear through all sorts, mainly my phone/facebook groups but I never escape it. It is a continuous struggle to stay calm and centred because it does effect every area of my life.
My negative actions do make me feel guilty.
I have no idea of the cause or how to address it.
The guide book says I need to practice self care, have compassion and love for myself  To turn to Spirit and hand my troubles over to them for Divine healing.

My Life Purpose

This morning I asked Source to show me my Life Purpose, to guide me to see what it is.
Just after this a song popped into my head – Omi’s Cheerleader song;


My first thoughts are my Life Purpose is to encourage others, inspire them and support them. Like a cheerleader does for her team.

I look up the rest of Omi’s lyrics for more clues;



So I will motivate others, be strong for them when they are not, support them and show love and affection.
So, as a nurse I am in a perfect position to give this. I am in the right position to carry out my life work, despite my doubts about what on earth I am doing with my life.

My situation in my career as it is now is unsatisfying to me and I need to put myself in a post that gives me the freedom to give the care I want and what people deserve.
Nursing as it is today is not ideal. We are restricted by certain aspects expected of us which prevents us giving the support we want to give. We are humans not robots.
There has to be a balance somewhere and I will find it.



What does my week ahead hold?


Monday & Tuesday:
Reconnect to Divine and the power of prayer. Communicate my worries, concerns, desires, hopes. Feel the connection again. Notice the effects that happens around me. Trust in that higher connection.

Wednesday & Thursday:
Feel and appreciate what I have. Gratitude goes a long way and has powerful positive effects.
I will draw towards myself more of what you truly need and want.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday:
Allow my emotions to erode the hardness I have built my heart to be. Allow the light and heat to burn away and love the way I am built to. I am capable. Trust in another.

Over riding Theme of all cards:
Love, Connection & Intimacy.
Being open to what is there but has been forgotten or disconnected from.

The Message of the Pelican

Yesterday, I opened my Symbol dictionary randomly and twice on the PELICAN, so I am assumed there is a message there =)

“Self-sacrificing love – a symbolism based on an old legend that pelicans tore their breasts to draw blood to feed their young. The earliest Christian bestiary drew an analogy between the pelican’s reviving it’s young with its blood and Christ’s shedding his blood for human kind. The pelican sometimes appears in Crucifixion paintings with this meaning, and can represent Charity in still life’s and filial devotion in heraldry. It represents Christ’s human nature when paired with the phoenix.”


Today I have also found the Pelican in my Power Animal Card deck by Steven D. Farmer;


“Let Go of your judgements”

“Each time you judge yourself, or others, you immediately create the illusion of separation – separation from your environment, from other human beings , and most critically, separation from the Creator and all of creation. Immersing yourself in the illusion creates pain that manifests as hurt, anger or even attack in words or deed. And if you stop and reflect, you’ll find what you judge in others is really a projection of a shadow aspect of yourself. Therefore, the source of these judgements is not just contained in the other – it’s something in yourself that you may not be aware of.
Once  you realize how judgements separate, there’s an opportunity to forgive – first, the transgressions or shortcomings,  then yourself as you identify the shadow aspect in you that you had projected on this individual. In the light of this realization, all illusion of separation  vanishes. This is  true forgiveness – not an empty mantra you repeat over and over again in order to support some false notion of forgiveness, but a genuine release of any and all judgements. When you’ve  forgiven, this act returns you to a state of love, acceptance and peacefulness.
You’ll know when this has happened because you’ll feel the natural and tranquil state of unity with the Creator and all of creation.”



Oracle Card for 4th May 2013


From my Mary, Queen of Angels deck by Doreen Virtue

I asked Mother Mary:
What message would you like me to share today?”

And her answer was;
The card’s affirmation for us is: “Love is the answer to all of my questions“.

My thoughts on this card;
Take a moment to think about what love means to you? Is it really a feeling? Or a state of being? Could you accept you are love? Pure love in truth, the real you.  Love is kind and gentle, all encompassing. We must love ourselves before we can fully love others. Accept yourself, be kind to yourself, treat yourself well. Be who you are and allow that love for you to heal your darkness and trouble – your own light will melt the darkness and become light again.

The card’s actual message;
“This card reminds you that feeling loved is your true desire, and this very condition is continuously offered to you by God, Jesus, Mother Mary , and the angels. Surround your current situation and relationships with love, which will loosen the bonds of ego attachments. When you pray for love to heal your situation, God sends angels to your side.
Mother Mary counsels you to use only loving words when you speak, think or write. Avoid pessimistic discussions with yourself or others, as it’s essential for you to surround yourself with the highest energy available. By doing so you will witness miraculous healings, experience new opportunities and attract wonderful relationships.”

Me again:
Belief in the self is so powerful. Please believe in you and your inner power that is love.


My Quick Vision With Obsidian & A Very Important Message

As I was laying there listening to relaxing music and with my Obsidian palmstone on my Third Eye, I welcomed any visions I was meant to see.
I had a few quick ones but one stuck with me in my exhausted state lol (always do it when I am tired! need to stop that)

A few Daisies on a black background.

The symbolism of Daisies = purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity.

Black = protection, calming, power, mystery, strength, formal, perspective and depth, dark, negative

The Daisies were White with a yellow centre;

White on Black = contrast, duality, positive and negative together – human duality, acceptance

White = light, goodness, innocence, purity, perfection, safety, clean, positive

A yellow centre = joy, happiness, intellect, and energy, warming, cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity – all this is at the centre – our true self in the middle of duality and contrast, all of it in balance

My Message may have been that as a human being we are naturally in contrast, everything is about duality to us, it is normal and creates balance when we accept ourselves fully and with acceptance we reach into our core and become in touch with our joy & happiness.
In duality and acceptance we find our true selves, our true energy and peace.


Meditation Focus


Last night I asked the angels for something to meditate on and think about and here was their response ……
The card


My own thoughts on the card:
It asks us to see ourselves and others through the eyes of the angels.
To be kind and loving, accept ourselves and others for what we truly are, not by what we do – nothing is ever what it seems on the surface……
Understanding and acceptance helps us love and forgive ourselves. Being and acting in love means we are in less pain and find peace with ourselves. Let go of negativity because we only cause ourselves anger, frustration and sadness by holding onto our hurts.