Mindfulness June Challenge [2]

Question: What am I attached to?
I drew: Mending

I am attached to holding on to pain by not fully understanding it and allowing myself to learn from it. I think I have forgiven and moved on for it to come back again at a later time. It is time to mend things for good, for my peace of mind. To heal myself.
How to do this properly is going to be a learning curve and I am sure a lot of inner work and meditation is due.

June Challenge


Found this challenge on Instagram by ethereal_tarot. I always find these challenges when they are done half way through but I still plan to work my way through it.

I will post separately for each question and the card I receive using Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

Review of daily Lenormand spread 3


My first difficult spread. . .

A gift of cleverness and a smart decision??

We spent time together as a family – a private family time between my husband, me and our daughter – this has been like a gift (BOUQUET) to me – all together doing something we enjoy together – very rare for us.
I have been wondering about the decisions (PATH) I have made in my life and whether they were all that smart (FOX) after all. Wishing I had taken an easier path but probably not as smart or as steep a learning curve as this one I now walk. Need more confidence in myself.