10th May 2015


All of us have tuned into messages at some point in our lives. Whether it came in the form of gut instinct, hearing messages, feeling sensations or just knowing something without knowing why we know.
It is time to open up to the vibration of Knowing, be willing to allow messages and guidance to come through in whatever way is natural, be open to receiving these messages more and more because this guidance is very much need in our lives. It is time to hone it and benefit ourselves as well as others.

Stacey-Marie x



Practising my Intuition

I have been wanting to develop my intuition for a while and often become frustrated at my lack of discipline when attempting to hone it.
I am a member of a group where we regularly post oracle and tarot cards and making some of the posts interactive.
One person posted an interactive reading in which we use our intuition to sense which card has an item underneath it.
My frustration comes from usually taking the first impression that comes in to my head or look for what grabs my eye first and I will get it wrong every time.
This time I breathed through each card and asked my body to show me which card had the item by making me feel something different, I was looking for a tingling feel or a warmth to tell me which card.
But this did not work initially – no feeling came.
So I closed my eyes having the image of the cards imprinted in my mind and allowed anything to happen – I began having visions of a memory in my past when I “looked” at a particular card and the memory reminded me of this cards’ letter (G).
So I wrote down G and found it to be correct!
I was so happy.