A Leg Up in Nursing


I asked my deck about my development in nursing and received A Leg Up (Reversed) but felt the prosperity meaning (career) as well as the protection meaning (for reversed cards) meant something to me –  seeking advice from a mentor who has been where I want to be (i have 2 in mind), who I would like help from. Help is available to me and will be there. Delegate authority, i don’t have to do anything by mself – I have a team to help me (if I can just stop stressing out and pushing them away because of my expressing my stress) if only i have trust and faith. I can not and do not have to do this by myself, this belief i have to is actually hindering me. Admitting I need help makes me vulnerable but here lies my lesson. Shift my belief and expectation and watch me go!


When it hurts….

Last night I was laying in bed and fretting about work as I normally do when my mind was taken to what has happened to my career over the past few months and I was hit by grief. I felt utter sadness and pain at the loss of stability and happiness.
I didn’t know what to do with myself but instead of blocking it out and distracting myself I decided to really feel the sensations my body was having.
I allowed myself to feel my heart, throat and solar plexus – the heaviness and the pull. The unexplainable sensations were felt deeply and completely….

And then I called on the Angels and asked them for help…….. my breathing slowed
and then the pain was gone, I felt peace and my mind was calm.
I slept well.

Thank you Angels x


Important Message for Us


I wanted to ask my cards what gift we  could all enhance, focus on and in my mind I received my Angel Therapy deck  which means this deck would answer my question best for us.

As I was shuffling and asking my question, I didn’t get much further than a few words when the Throat Chakra card flew out like a lemming off a cliff.

Instead of writing the guide book version of the card’s meaning exactly as worded, I will go with my thoughts and feelings using it as a guide only.

The Throat Chakra is the energy centre which governs our expression – verbal or written. It is also our creativity.
Our true thoughts and feelings can and should be acknowledged by us and expressed.
If we ignore that principle then we have problems. We begin to darken and shrink the throat chakra. Which will lead to all different sorts of issues when communicating.

An example could be when we talk in public we may become tongue tied, have difficulty making ourselves heard or getting our point across.
Our fears of what may happen if we speak up or what people might think of us can stop us telling our truth. Maybe we have been punished for speaking up before.

It could be a cause from a past life – my communication issues stem from something I saw in a past life as a 10 year old orphaned boy, I witnessed the murder of a woman by a man.
I saw it and never spoke up, never told a soul then or for the rest of that life because I feared that man would find and kill me too.
But it still effects my communication today on top of the experiences in this life.
I don’t always speak up – even when I feel that adrenaline speeding through my body and what I want to ask or say is on the tip of my tongue, I still over ride that natural process.
I frequently get tongue tied, especially with those who I have to answer to. I cannot express my emotions. I hold so much in even if it effects my relationships.
On the other end of my spectrum I will spill out vileness, I will vent my frustration and bitterness about people which makes me feel awful. It hurts me in the long run.

One extreme to the other is no good to us or anyone else.

So we may hold it in, even repeatedly hold in in so it hurts us in the end.
Or we may be hurtful and express ourselves in an unhelpful and negative way.
We end up energetically depleting ourselves and feel worse. We feel blocked and frustrated.
It is a vicious circle and one we must break.

We can ask for help.
We can ask the angels (or any Divine energy you like to call on) to unlock our self expression. They will send pure light and love to our throat chakra. We can ask to them to help us speak up in a loving but assertive way. They will help guide our words if we want them to.

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel. Angel of communication.
You can ask:

“Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now.
Thank you for guiding me in the expression of my inner truth and wisdom. I ask that you watch over me in all that I say and write so that Iay clearly convey my inner messages.”


A daily Lenormand draw in retrospect


I waited until my day was nearly over and looked back at these (19th July 2013). I am going to start doing daily draws as often as  possible so I can make sense of the meanings of the cards for me personally.

The WHIP/broom was about an argument between me and my husband (Whip) and the clearing up of it (broom). We also had little misunderstandings as the heat of the day got to us but we always got over them quickly. Ah getting over them quickly – now the CLOVER card is a short time card – making perfect sense now.

The CLOVER card, which is little luck or happy news/ a surprise, could have been either asking for a sign from my granddad (he passed away in January of this year and he has sent us 2 signs in 2 days now and I have just realised the clover is the number 2 card haha) – whether to stay in St Albans or go home as it was so hot. I said “Granddad please show us a sign if its time to go home or stay – to show us a shop me and Dan would both like.” This would mean for us to stay – as it happened we found no such shop but did look in the tourist info shop and saw what used to be a court room in there. We sat in there for a bit then went to find our bus stop, we sat down and wondered on a few things then the bus came straight away – brilliant timing.
Or it could have been that when we went to the cinema that night I had a nice surprise that my best mate from my old ward also came to see the same film at the same time with her mum.

The CLOUDS – the light side faced me and meant a good ending but also means clarity – now the dark side means confusions, complications and danger – this was facing away from me so in light of what I now know, I know it meant danger, complications for another poor soul – and confusion for the public. . .
There are a few tall buildings in my home town centre that are infamous for people committing suicide from and that night there was a man sitting on the edge of one of these with the roads blocked off by the police and the public standing there gawping at the poor man. I don’t agree with suicide but do believe he must be in such a bad state and was crying out for help – I don’t believe he was serious in completely ending it otherwise he would not have hesitated. After the cinema the roads were unblocked but there was a yellow helicopter in the square so don’t quite know what happened. But still disturbed at the sheer amount of people who stood and gawped, some with their phones out. I found out today that the man died. He must not have died straight away.


My Thoughts on the Waxing Gibbous in Virgo and Me


On the way home in a taxi, I was mesmerised by the moon and it looked more beautiful then this picture I took about half hour to an hour later.

In the taxi I was relaxing and taking deep breaths and allowed the moon to influence my thoughts and feelings which went something along the lines of this following short word brainstorm ….

3/4 moon, nearly full. halo. ring. clouds see through/transparent. light. illuminating. round. cover. hug. caring. beautiful. breath taking.

I feel this moon is a time to be able to see what exists from a different point of view, the ability to put yourself above and see beauty from a different angle.

Mother Moon. feminine. nurturing. caring.

I prayed to the angels to help a relative(s) of mine and allow tomorrow to be a point of breakthrough…

I believe this moon also heralds a time of breakthroughs and help. The moon and the angels message to us all is to reach out and ask for help, not to suffer and suffer alone.