Written on 5th May 2016:
I received the Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Collette Baron-Reid from my in-laws for my birthday and I sent Reiki to the deck to cleanse them and drew my first card for myself and it was perfect.

I have an urgent sense of rushing to get things done and to be honest it stresses me out, puts me on edge and makes me a not very nice person – snappy and impatient when I should be calm and mature, dealing with issues calmly, it brings up a lot of guilt and it is a vicious cycle by putting more pressure on myself.

So this card is saying patience is the key – slow down and trust – BREATHE, allow air to energise me. Also get the need for air in the literal sense, I am lacking fresh air because i stay inside all the time, and get too comfortable (stems back from depression phases). I am debating whether to go for a walk right now and find myself making excuses lol, but I think I will…. so a walk in nature here I come….


Talking to Heaven (with help)

I subscribed to the UK magazine Soul & Spirit the other day and was very pleased to see the gift for subscribing was the Talking to Heaven mediumship cards by Doreen Virtue & James Van Praagh. I love collecting my decks :mrgreen:

Last night I looked at my photo of my Grandad and asked him to come through.
When I was little, my Grandad was “Big Grandad” and his Dad/my Great Grandad was known as “Little Grandad” because he was shorter.
So my question to Grandad was; “Are you with your Dad – Big Grandad & Little Grandad?”

As I was shuffling 2 cards jumped out together and I set them aside to the left and then pulled the “answer”.
I was shocked and amazed it answered it so perfectly and then I got goosebumps.

He is definitely with his Dad and the rest of the family members I have heard so much about. And clearly they still watch over us and seeing our lives going on and taking direction.


How Can I Improve My Communiction Skills? Tarot Spread


I want to build on my communication skills. Knowledge and experience are needed to communicate well. I already have a certain amount of skill which has been built upon to be stronger than it was before yet it is not where I want it to be, there is much more work to be done.
I am satisfied with the progress I have made but frustrated that I still have a long way to go.

It is a slow process and I am feeling heavy and restricted, trudging on to be blocked at another progress point. I need to embrace a more confident and risk taking approach – the more risks I take the better the pay off and the quicker my confidence will improve, be more optimistic and bold.

Communication will be my gift if I can work through my blockages with patience, persistence and consistency.

Review of daily Lenormand spread 3


My first difficult spread. . .

A gift of cleverness and a smart decision??

We spent time together as a family – a private family time between my husband, me and our daughter – this has been like a gift (BOUQUET) to me – all together doing something we enjoy together – very rare for us.
I have been wondering about the decisions (PATH) I have made in my life and whether they were all that smart (FOX) after all. Wishing I had taken an easier path but probably not as smart or as steep a learning curve as this one I now walk. Need more confidence in myself.