10th May 2015


All of us have tuned into messages at some point in our lives. Whether it came in the form of gut instinct, hearing messages, feeling sensations or just knowing something without knowing why we know.
It is time to open up to the vibration of Knowing, be willing to allow messages and guidance to come through in whatever way is natural, be open to receiving these messages more and more because this guidance is very much need in our lives. It is time to hone it and benefit ourselves as well as others.

Stacey-Marie x



Last Quarter in Aquarius & Me


Feeling generally calm still but not as calm as previous two days, getting easily irritated with my bearded dragons mind, scratching away at glass – whether they are in their vivarium or by the patio door window =( lol.
Still bonding with my Obsidian and have kept it in my bra for three days . I have felt protected and relaxed with it on me. And not only that, because its a base chakra crystal, it has an effect on sexual energy and it is definitely true! (Blushing here lol).
Obsidian also brings up things to face and it has brought something up from something I acted on when I was younger, I am no longer ashamed – it just is – I am accepting myself fully without judgement because it is not negative.
I have decided that I will observe my thoughts and feelings – acknowledge them but let them go too – attach no significance to them – no shame, embarrassment, judgement etc by doing this I can’t hurt/suffer because of my attachments and judgements. x

My Thoughts on the Waxing Gibbous in Virgo and Me


On the way home in a taxi, I was mesmerised by the moon and it looked more beautiful then this picture I took about half hour to an hour later.

In the taxi I was relaxing and taking deep breaths and allowed the moon to influence my thoughts and feelings which went something along the lines of this following short word brainstorm ….

3/4 moon, nearly full. halo. ring. clouds see through/transparent. light. illuminating. round. cover. hug. caring. beautiful. breath taking.

I feel this moon is a time to be able to see what exists from a different point of view, the ability to put yourself above and see beauty from a different angle.

Mother Moon. feminine. nurturing. caring.

I prayed to the angels to help a relative(s) of mine and allow tomorrow to be a point of breakthrough…

I believe this moon also heralds a time of breakthroughs and help. The moon and the angels message to us all is to reach out and ask for help, not to suffer and suffer alone.