Fertility Fork on the Road…


I decided to ask my deck;
What do I need to know to successfully become pregnant?
I receive Fork in the Road and tells me I have to make a decision to go forward one way or another.
To not make a decision is also a decision.
So I know that I can either go on the way I am  – continue eating junk, not lose weight, not go back to the Dr’s, not take metformin, not attempt to take clomid to ovulate.
Or I can clean up my act and do all of the above plus Reiki, meditation more regularly etc
Either choice has it’s own set of lessons and therefore no decision is wrong.

Review of daily Lenormand spread 3


My first difficult spread. . .

A gift of cleverness and a smart decision??

We spent time together as a family – a private family time between my husband, me and our daughter – this has been like a gift (BOUQUET) to me – all together doing something we enjoy together – very rare for us.
I have been wondering about the decisions (PATH) I have made in my life and whether they were all that smart (FOX) after all. Wishing I had taken an easier path but probably not as smart or as steep a learning curve as this one I now walk. Need more confidence in myself.