Mindfulness June challenge [1]

Ok, I need to do a huge catch up with this challenge.
So for day one the question is:

Where in my life am I suffering?
I drew Milk & Honey in the protection position (reversed).


“A nameless unease compels you to turn to pleasure and comfort as a means to escape what is really going on.”
This is incredibly true – I have this permanent feeling of being on edge and very anxious and I mean it when I say it never leaves me. It drives my actions, every negative thing I think, say and do is based on this feeling.
I do try to escape this fear through all sorts, mainly my phone/facebook groups but I never escape it. It is a continuous struggle to stay calm and centred because it does effect every area of my life.
My negative actions do make me feel guilty.
I have no idea of the cause or how to address it.
The guide book says I need to practice self care, have compassion and love for myself  To turn to Spirit and hand my troubles over to them for Divine healing.


3rd May 2015


Being sensitive opens us to picking up on negative energy and we aren’t always aware this is what has happened. Have you been feeling drained when you are with a certain person or anxious for no reason?

These are some of the many signs we have absorbed negative energy or had someone taking our energy so they can feel better (they don’t always realise they do this either).

Being in nature is a fantastic way to balance our energy and perfect to ground ourselves and regain our strength.

Reclaiming our power if you like =) Recharge.

So go outside, surround yourself with the natural world, walk barefoot on grass, sit by or against a tree, listen to the sounds nature has to offer. Breathe and take it all in. Feel your strength return and your mind and body calm and rebalance.

Visualise your connection to the Earth by imagining roots going from your feet and growing down into the Earth and anchoring you to Earth’s core and an energy stream rising from your crown all the way up to the sky, reaching for Source/the Universe reaffirming a conscious link to its power.

Enjoy and do this frequently and you will protect yourself from negative energy.

Stacey-Marie x