Self Reiki Session Treasure

As I am doing my self treatment I see and feel energy rotating slowly as I and it goes round it becomes bright white, becoming brighter and brighter as we continue to turn.

As we complete the full rotation I am starting to lean back and begin to see leaves and diamonds from the centre rise up and I continue to go down so the stream of leaves and diamonds gets longer the more i go down.

On the way down I see a female and I go within her, become her but continue to travel downward.

As I continue down it becomes like an energy whirl with blue tones, against the backdrop of space.

The energy whirl becomes a ball with a gold hue to it and I begin to sense I am to channel healing to certain people, places.

Someone in particular comes to mind and I send this ball of energy to him and I let it be natural, i fling the whole thing over him and trust that is meant to be.

I become aware of my neighbours and an image of a brown energy container which emits olive green energy is attached to the wall next to me and this is how the energy will go through the wall. The energy spreads along the whole wall and penetrates through, I see it travel through their space and on through the next two houses that are attached.

Then the building of my previous place of work, which holds elderly people dealing with mental health issues such as schizophrenia, bipolar and depression, comes to view and I see this same energy container with the olive green energy attach to the roof of the building and i see it go through that building and spread onto the memory clinic next door and the dementia unit next to that.

There was more to the session but these were the main visions I am amazed by x

Reiki – Seeing More

This past week I have been seeing things out of the corner of my eye.

The other night I was walking past a side room and saw a figure leaning over a patient’s bed, at first I thought it was one of the nurses in there checking something but as I stepped back to look again there was no one else there. The pt has learning disabilities and is usually shouting and crying out in frustration but that night she was pale but very calm and awake. In the end I told a colleague what I had seen and she checked in there too then I tried to rationalise it by saying it was the shadow in the wall but I do believe I saw a person bending over the bed.

Then two nights ago I see, out of the corner of my eye, a white thing move. My dog was in her crate and began moving, making a noise hence why my peripheral vision was in that direction and at the same time i see the white movement. 

I am kind of enjoying all these changes happening to me since learning reiki and I did do a reiki sandwhich for mediumship and have been requesting a strengthening of psychic gifts =)

My Tarot Story – Line of 5

“Help me……, please, I beg you ……….”

Adam stirred from a long ago memory, faded but not forgotten. He realised where he was and what he had to do. Facing him was a beautiful lady with a tear rolling down her face, her eyes so deep and blue, he was mesmerized…. She looked so much like….. no! he could not and would not think of that now.

Adam spoke softly to the woman, “I promise you, I will do everything in my power to help you resolve this. Surrender your concerns to me.” She nodded and slowly turned and walked on.

Adam knew he had to keep this promise, he wanted to…. he needed to.

He could not stop the past coming back to haunt his waking thoughts, and as much as he had spent his life trying to make up for his past actions, it never left him. She would not leave his mind nor his heart.

The time had come to lay his ghosts to rest…

Being back here gave him a sense of comfort and familiarity. This was home to him in many ways and he knew he made the right decision to come back. 

A soft pressure came to rest on his back and as he turned around, his mother smiled and stood beside him in a silence, he knew she understood his need to return.

And he felt her calm knowing reach out to him. He had no need to say anything and nor did she.

Later, Adam and his mother were sat at the table, they had eaten and were ready to talk about the real issue, out in the open.

“Adam, you know that you can only run away from your heart for so long, there comes a time when you must stop struggling and face your demons once and for all”

He looked down and whispered, “I know Mum. The time is now and I am ready.”

With her hand on his shoulder, she said “Come, there is work to do and balance to gain.”

He stood and allowed her to lead him to the room he spent his childhood and teenage years in. It looked different but still familiar and inviting. There was a table to lie on with sheets and pillows, soft music playing, candle light and the scent of roses and oranges.

She guided him to the table and he made himself comfortable.

His mother told him; “Adam, drink this, lay back and focus on your breath, listen to the sounds around you and allow your minds eye to reveal what needs to be shown.”

He drank the warm, syrupy liquid and felt the heat travel down his throat. He laid back and felt slightly woozy but enjoyed the sensation. As he breathed in and out, his muscles relaxed and he felt lighter as if his body did not exist…

Colours came and went, flashes of memories came in and out of his vision and then faded. He was in a garden with grass a lush green and the sky the purest of blues. The sun was warm and energising. Birds singing their song and laughter… much laughter, Adam could feel the higher vibration here and he felt euphoric and at ease.

As he looked toward the sound of laughter, his heart soared……. there she was, his true love, the other half to his soul. She was breathtakingly beautiful and so happy….

She looked him in his eyes and stopped her dance. She began to walk toward him and smiled.

As she came near, she reached out and touched his heart, keeping her hand there until the heat was incredible, he felt as one with her and knew she was truly happy and had no ounce of regret or disappointment for him. Just pure love.

Then she placed he finger to his lips and spoke…

“What happened that day had to happen as it did, there was nothing you could have done to stop it. Many events were able to happen because of that day, things that have helped restore humanity.

Never feel guilty for that, it is time to accept and embrace the past. 

I am with you always, I am there every step of the way, for every decision you make and I celebrate your achievements with you. I am there when you are alone and down, I will never leave you.

You must go on with a clear conscious, your future and the future of your people depend on your total focus.

There will be many challenges ahead and you will successfully pass all of them… with me by your side.”

And then he was moving backwards, more colours appeared and this time visions of the future flashed by. 

He heard his mother say his name quietly and again he focused on his breathing and felt his body become heavier.

Slowly he came to and opened his eyes.

“It is done, Mum. I can move on and focus without the past tormenting me. I release the past with love.

Mum Caroline is with me always.”

“I know son.”


It has been 25 years since that day Caroline appeared to him and many things have happened to Adam and his Kingdom, it has made him the strong leader he is today. His focus is sharp, ambition strong and ability unrivalled. He is fully in touch with and master of his emotions. He knows the way of his land and the ways of his people intuitively.

His Empress and Son are nearby and he thinks to the future where his son leads this Kingdom and he smiles, there is no better choice.

He turns to his Empress and looks deep into her blue eyes, remembering the day he met her when he made her a promise.

And that promise was kept.

Reiki – Do not Presume, Do not Expect

From 7th March

Well that was interesting, I have just completed another Reiki self session and have to admit I didnt get much in the way of visions this time, I was distracted by our dog and the music I chose this time round was annoying me lol, I felt the energy mostly at the end in my feet. I was basically so distracted my eyes were open at least half the time and I was getting annoyed by our dog as I said. All in all it was a failure I thought.

As I finished and got up, I put the dog outside and my husband says to me “Every time you do reiki near me I get really really hot.” He said he was almost sweating and now I had finished he was cooling down.

So maybe not a total failure lol x

Reiki -Second Distance Healing Session

From 4th March:

Well I have completed my second distance healing tonight, with full permission and I had a completely different reiki album with 3 minute bell intervals and the experience was very different to my first. Very relaxing and calming for me. I also know the recipient fell asleep while it was being done, his wife confirmed that when I asked her to get him to drink a glass of cold water. He said he also saw colours and feels rested. Very cold though lol. I forgot to say about outting a blanket on before session. I will remember that next time.

So I am happy with that experience, very different to my first one earlier today 😃

** Still using the Surrogate method with a teddy I borrowed from my daughter =)

Reiki Meditation & I call on my Reiki Guide during Self Session

From 28th February, where I reveal who I met in my Meditation:

In the meditation within the course, I had the vision of meeting Usui and he fused with me into my back – when I asked how we would work together he told me I must sense the reiki, feel it intuitively.

He was a very high energy surrounded in white light and I mean he was very fast, did not stay still.

I know he was guiding white light reiki through me hence why he fused with me into my back.

I did not expect that from the meditation, it was amazing.

From the 29th February:

I did my reiki self session a little while ago and noticed while on my solar plexus area I became incredibly relaxed and almost fell asleep until I noticed my left outer thigh became cool and numb, a very odd sensation.

During the session I also saw an incredibly bright and large circle of white light getting brighter and brighter. Giving way to a night sky and a white owl in flight with a large wing span.

I called on my guide who I met in the meditation and we met while on the water in the boat (the one we are on before meeting that guide). A lot of autumny reds were around and the repeating message he gave me is “Feel it” as before and I got the impression I am to completely let go of all thoughts and awe of what I receive visually and sensation wise, that I am to witness it all and feel it all without stopping to admire it and own it. To be a witness.

This is my lesson and one that will take time. The more I allow the more I will sense and grow.

Reiki – Release at Last, No more Ice Queen

From 26th February:

I can’t believe it – it happened – I did a reiki session on myself tonight and I have put the tele on and someone proposed to someone and I cried!!

Me, the person who very rarely ever cries and almost unheard of with tele programmes of all things!

I posted a few days ago about being close to tears but had not cried yet and now I have at something so silly 😂

I had been thinking my past 2 self reiki sessions had been different and not as obvious but clearly it is working on helping me releasing emotional blockages =)


** The release of tears is still happening, very quick to come. Amazing change.

Reiki – Allowing Emotions to come through for Release

From 23rd Febrary:

Since doing reiki I have become more easily near to tears, more emotional. Before Reiki I would not be like this and would literally stop myself from feeling emotional and from crying.

Now i am near to tears quickly however I still have not cried, i think it is coming though. It will release a dam, some repressed stuff.

On another note I did my self Reiki session and it was very different from usual.

Less heat, less obvious. I felt a breeze around me at times and it was almost as if it was more internal, the music I did it to was pulsating in nature and it reflected in my body and in my visions which were of curves and rotating lines, at one point i felt I was rotating above my solar plexus.

While on my sacral area my heart began to make me aware and I realised i had accidentally skipped my heart area so I did that after.

I fell asleep while my hands were on  my lower back and ended up doing 6 minutes instead of 3 there.

At one point I saw a fire ball spread out in my minds eye.

I took my hands off my knees and did feel the energy flowing through – i had to check it was because it felt soo different.

Anyone else experience a change in how Reiki energy flows?

I have begun to practice drawng the SHK and HSZSN and practising Gassho.

I have requested a gift and drew the reiki sandwich over it so I have changed my practice a little and wonder if it’s that.

First Reiki Session on my Husband

From 22nd February:

I channeled reiki to my husband for the first time a little while ago, he said he started with a headache which lessened to barely there. He is now sleeping like a baby =D

The only difficult thing was finding a comfortable position for me, I will either have to do it while sitting on a chair or sat on the floor next time.

It felt warm and hot in different places, again I am finding lower extremities the most active as well as his face/ears temples.  At one point his left heel became extremely hot which I did not expect. 

Even did my first aura clearing on him, felt an active spot at his heart area.

I have decided I feel more hands off then I do hands on especially for him.

Plus my hands tend to sweat so definitely hands off for anyone else! Lol.

Clear Dreaming – Complete Clarity

From 21st February:

Now that is what I am talking about, a dream so clear and obvious you have the interpretation so quick you get the realization of what it means as you are dreaming it and you tell the other person what it means while still dreaming it haha.

Me and my husband are riding on a motorbike, he is doing the riding and I hold on to him for the whole ride from the back and the front, switching it from time to time. Our heart areas are completing connected the whole time (the meaning being we are fully and deeply connected through our hearts on a energetic level).

Even as we turn corners I could physically feel every turn, pull and strain of it, me holding on an squeezing tighter to maintain connection and it never breaks, I even feel him come in closer too.

I tell him the meaning while we are still riding the motorbike.

They say our dreams change after Reiki attunements =)