Don’t push the …


Don’t push the river. It will travel at it’s own speed anyway.

Buddhist expression


Oracle card for 20th April 2013


From my Doreen Virtue “Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards” deck  (one deck of my 16 =) )

My thoughts and feelings on this card:

Signs are everywhere if only we notice them. Signs which help to guide us and make us more aware of the real beauty in life, what’s really and truly important.
Opportunities are there for us to help us on our way, the time is now to make the most of them and enrich our life. Take that guidance and manifest your reality with the blessing of Divine Spirit.

The card’s actual message:
You asked for heaven’s help and now you must pay attention to the evidence of the their help. The angels are trying to get your attention with signs. They may send a butterfly or bird to fly near you, compel you to hear a song several times, put an object in your path so you have to notice it. This card is also a sign – they are trying to get through – please notice! You can ask for a sign whenever you have a question or decision to make but don’t specify the type of sign – leave that to the angels – they are very good at making their presence known.

Waxing Crescent in Leo and Me


Well, I woke from from sleep yesterday a few hours before my night shift started and had the house to myself. I was calm and relaxed, which is unusual before work.

Even while waiting for my bus (yes, I have put off learning to drive for years and at 28 I should really do something about that but too scared lol), the air/sky, traffic was static and calm – I enjoyed it. A beautiful experience I savoured.

Twice I noticed 7 birds – in both my view points but opposite directions – and they stayed and looked at me from their roof top, I didn’t want them to go (I am not mental, I promise lol!) and it’s like they knew it.

Work also went very smoothly, with the same air of calmness throughout.
I have become organized at work while we are doing our last week of the trial 12 and half hour shifts and have plenty of time to complete things.
The bleep for A+E didn’t go off and we only had one calm, easy admission despite having 7 beds empty. Very unheard of for my ward.

All in all a successful night =)

Past Dreams



I am at my patio door and our snake Millie has been separated into 3 sections.

It was an accident and I say I didn’t mean to do it – although I did nothing to her.

Millie tries to bring all 3 parts of herself together again, wriggling into her skin but it doesn’t fit right any more and she comes back out of her skin and separate again.

A brilliant lady gave me her interpretation:
“the snake represents 2 things ,it represents health as its the symbol used in p
harmacies ,it also suggests someone being sneaky or untrue ,but this is more health based …the number 3 suggests commitment to something ,putting in ,your mind ,body and soul …the patio door however …doors represent an opportunity to be taken , double doors means u need to balance ur flow on feelings ,glass doors suggest an intuitive or psychic ability ,but this refers more to a healing ability because of the snake although for some reason u may find it hard at the moment to put your full self into it and be totally commited to it ,hence why the snake finds it hard to heal back …have more confidence in ur ability and yourself”.


My grandad’s dad was in hospital and I went to see him, he had a crystal necklace in his mouth and he took it out of his mouth and placed it round my neck securing it to my cardigan yet it still hung nicely.

I knew it was different coloured Serpentine and noticed that it resembled the beading placement of a rosary. It was beautiful.

The same lady also interpreted this one:
A hospital suggests ur health but as in how you view matters to keep you positive ,a necklace can suggest a psychic gift and healing ,the serpentine is known as the healing crystal to help any blockages in any of the chakra blockages we may have ,the mouth here suggests that u may have a blockage in this particular chakra point which is the colour blue in energy ,u may need to express feelings or your theory on a subject but haven’t done so yet, I believe this is the message, hope that makes sense to you.”

And I had my own thoughts on it too:

I do have a blockage/imbalance in my throat chakra – something i have brought through from a past life and continue to have issues in this life.
And yes, I too believe my great grandad has g
iven me a gift of healing.

I have sat with this dream and come up with my own interpretation too.

I am a nurse in a hospital and very often dream of my ward that i work in, i view it as a place of healing and service to others.
The fact my great grandad took the gift from his mouth and fixes it to me means he is communicating, expressing to me the gift of healing/how to heal, meditation and showing me about my connection to God/Unity.
Serpentine is a meditation stone and clears all the chakras as you said. It helps with cellular regeneration.
The rosary is symbolic of being close to Jesus/God through Mary by meditation and prayer. I have become very drawn to Mother Mary and her Rosary over the past few months despite not being religious. I strongly believe in God and the Divine and I also have a connection to crystals too.

I love how I “knew” what this crystal was when I waking life I had no clue of it’s metaphysical properties until after the dream when I researched it and connected all the dots to this message.

I have every intention of interpreting my own dreams now as I used too, I recently found a stash of all the dreams I recorded from my teen years spanning 2-3 years, a very interesting read again =)

Healing – Part One


I know my body is badly imbalanced. Only I am so unsure where to start to correct it.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a couple of years ago and rarely have periods, not even sure I ovulate so when my husband and I have have been trying since February 2011 to conceive our second child, it is extremely unhelpful when most resources require you to know when you ovulate/have periods in order to plan conception etc – impossible when you do neither/do so rarely.

My husband and I also disagree with a way forward.
For my husband he believes it is as simple as going back to the doctors and starting metformin again (they say insulin resistance has a hand in PCOS and therefore treated with metformin – to lose weight and kick start periods). Or see about fertility drugs or something, anything to help us and soon.
I, on the other hand, believe healing comes from within, not from outside sources, medications etc. I would love to be able to get to a root cause and solve it. This is where I am stuck, I can’t think straight.

For as long as I remember since I was 13 my periods were not regular and were extremely painful. Then as years went by I gradually put on weight through bad eating habits which are now worse than they have ever been and I am at my heaviest weight. I have been on the Depo injection, the pill and Implanon Implant contraception over the years – the injection and implant both stopped my periods totally for a long length of time.
It took nearly two years of unprotected sex before our daughter who is now 8 nearly 9 to be conceived.
And it has now been over 2 years and 2 months with no sign of being able to conceive our second.

So in theory I am text book for doctors but it is not enough for me, I know it is deeper than that – I do not eat badly for no reason at all, although I haven’t attempted to think deeply about why I do – apart from comfort, but comfort from what?
To go back to the doctors is  like saying ” here I am and yes I failed to follow your advice/treatment  – but you wouldn’t understand it isn’t because I can’t be bothered, its because it’s too uncomfortable to face my truth.”

I need balance and my aim is to go within through meditation and find my truth and heal myself with the help of Divine Spirit.