Important Message for Us


I wanted to ask my cards what gift we  could all enhance, focus on and in my mind I received my Angel Therapy deck  which means this deck would answer my question best for us.

As I was shuffling and asking my question, I didn’t get much further than a few words when the Throat Chakra card flew out like a lemming off a cliff.

Instead of writing the guide book version of the card’s meaning exactly as worded, I will go with my thoughts and feelings using it as a guide only.

The Throat Chakra is the energy centre which governs our expression – verbal or written. It is also our creativity.
Our true thoughts and feelings can and should be acknowledged by us and expressed.
If we ignore that principle then we have problems. We begin to darken and shrink the throat chakra. Which will lead to all different sorts of issues when communicating.

An example could be when we talk in public we may become tongue tied, have difficulty making ourselves heard or getting our point across.
Our fears of what may happen if we speak up or what people might think of us can stop us telling our truth. Maybe we have been punished for speaking up before.

It could be a cause from a past life – my communication issues stem from something I saw in a past life as a 10 year old orphaned boy, I witnessed the murder of a woman by a man.
I saw it and never spoke up, never told a soul then or for the rest of that life because I feared that man would find and kill me too.
But it still effects my communication today on top of the experiences in this life.
I don’t always speak up – even when I feel that adrenaline speeding through my body and what I want to ask or say is on the tip of my tongue, I still over ride that natural process.
I frequently get tongue tied, especially with those who I have to answer to. I cannot express my emotions. I hold so much in even if it effects my relationships.
On the other end of my spectrum I will spill out vileness, I will vent my frustration and bitterness about people which makes me feel awful. It hurts me in the long run.

One extreme to the other is no good to us or anyone else.

So we may hold it in, even repeatedly hold in in so it hurts us in the end.
Or we may be hurtful and express ourselves in an unhelpful and negative way.
We end up energetically depleting ourselves and feel worse. We feel blocked and frustrated.
It is a vicious circle and one we must break.

We can ask for help.
We can ask the angels (or any Divine energy you like to call on) to unlock our self expression. They will send pure light and love to our throat chakra. We can ask to them to help us speak up in a loving but assertive way. They will help guide our words if we want them to.

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel. Angel of communication.
You can ask:

“Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now.
Thank you for guiding me in the expression of my inner truth and wisdom. I ask that you watch over me in all that I say and write so that Iay clearly convey my inner messages.”


How to achieve Justice?


Sometimes I sit and read things, like the Sunday Mirror (UK) supplement magazine “Justice on Trial” and find myself getting angry at how things are in this country. How the public have to fund something we don’t always agree with and often despair of and complain about. Our opinions and voices do not matter to those who have power and make decisions.

I find myself reading this supplement and thinking yes that is terrible and disgraceful and clearly does not work as it is.
There is an odd comment in there by a QC, how we have been lied to about the cost of legal aid and he hopes we would take to the streets in anger and outrage, not only is his comment unhelpful, what good would it do?

Like all moaning and b!tching, it gets us nowhere.
Its all well and good stating what is wrong with the world and how terrible it is but I want to know how it can be improved, I want paths of action, ways to contribute. I want to know what will work and sadly, this supplement does not address this for the average individual, the average person who is not in the know, does not know the ways of this minefield that is the system.

If we want change, how is the best way to go about it? What can be done?

I asked my cards: “How can we fight for justice?”

I received:
Imagination, Awaken, Silence & Act

In life we encounter difficulties, it challenges us to think outside the box, use our Imagination and go far beyond our limits. We need to Awaken to different possibilities, be open to what they may be and then look for signs to guide us. In our Silence and meditation we will connect, we will receive the answers, ways & opportunities that we can Act on. When faith and action are combined we have the power to charge forward.
To help bring change.


Hard Truths…… still there

I am at a point in my life where I am stuck on one thing. One thing that affects all else, like a domino effect.

Losing weight.
Not to look good but to balance my hormones. To stop the ugly effects of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. To hopefully conceive again.

Losing weight is not easy contrary to what some people think, say and judge about it. It is not just about dropping weight and not being greedy. It is more than that – it is about change long held beliefs, learned behaviour, and re-programming emotional coping mechanisms – how is that easy?

It is daunting and means coming out of my comfort zone and confronting things I have pushed into my subconscious. I am scared and overwhelmed.
And this discomfort is what I have to embrace in order to move on and change everything I know, everything I currently am.

Same Old, Same Old

The same old, same old.
It has not left me.

But have I really tried?

Have I really committed to change?


Plainly and simply I have not tried. Not truly.

Just brushed it under the carpet.

Pretending I can do better next time. Laying dormant, sleeping.

And next time comes and it’s still there. It rears it ugly head, grows and grows until it explodes.

I know it, I feel it and then I don’t care and don’t even bother to stop it.

It explodes and leaves devastation, perhaps even consequences I am even unaware of.

Unhealthy for all.


It will go on and on. If I let it.

I have the power to stop it.

I truly do.

One day I will use my heart and my brain together.

One day I will change because I realise I can’t do it this way any more.

I am too tired doing it this way.

I feel exhausted at my way all the time, even when I am at supposed peace.

I still feel that tiredness even now.

That day is coming. I know it is.

My reaction to the same old, same old is going to change.

Because in my heart I am ready.






3 Steps Forward Then 5 Steps Back

In November 2011 I started my spiritual journey. I have learnt much and enjoyed the journey. Learning from lots of sources and revisiting old interests as well as learning new things.

Felt like I was moving on, clicking, resonating and really going forward.

Until recently.

Now I am stuck.

Feel lost again.

And not sure which way to turn.

It is so strange and quite frustrating.

Maybe I have took in too much but nothing in much depth. 
I think I have found things I want to learn in depth but can’t concentrate on them.

I am no longer sure who or what I am or what I want.

I am more in touch with my shadow self lately. I can’t ignore it and must accept it.

I am not a perfect human being and nor am I meant to be.

It feels like there is a purpose to this whole feeling though.

To feel lost and begin again.

To turn inward and find myself and who I am.

One moment at a time. No expectation. Going with the flow.

I am asking for signs and will go where I am guided in the time that is meant.

No more pushing. No more expecting.

Divine Spirit please show me a sign of what I need to know next.

I trust and accept.


Thoughts on Striving to be Spiritual…?

I have been thinking….. Dangerous I know lol…..

A lot of us spend our moments thinking we are not good enough – that we must be better, more spiritual, perfect etc

But we already are perfect in truth, as souls we choose to be human, to experience duality, we already know perfection, light, peace, harmony etc and we come here to learn the duality.
We as souls want to know and experience everything that is human – the good and bad -only it is not judged good and bad it just is.

So should we put ourselves through the suffering we do by our mental expectations and thoughts?

Maybe its time we were kind and patient with ourselves and relax, knowing we are exactly where we are meant to be right now. And we always will be.

Don’t push the river because it will flow in its own way in its own time 🙂



Angels, Guides, Spirit Animals etc – Are they really separate energies or could it really be OURSELVES?
Our Higher Self?
We are all One and connected so  – what I perceive as an angel or guide could really be me!
I have deeply deeply believed in God ever since I can remember, there never has and never is ever a doubt of God’s existence – could that be because I am part of God and God is part me – I am a piece of God. I am part of Divine.