A little background on me…


I have always been interested in things such as dreams, crystals, spirits, paranormal, healing, chinese horoscopes etc since I was young and my aunt and uncle each had their own experiences of some aspects. I once had a prophetic dream about a swimming pool I didn’t like or I didn’t like the circumstances surrounding it and it came true – I felt uncertain in the circumstances around me and who I was with. I have never had another dream that came true again after that though. I also recorded my dreams and interpreted them for a few years and I still have them – makes an interesting read.

I once did a ouija board in my school during a break and felt cold spots in the gym where I did it and I am so lucky nothing ever bad happened to me because of it like other people experience.

I am extremely sensitive and my ears physically hurt at times at noise – even when others say its not that loud, my sense of smell can also be strong – I used to smell gas when others couldn’t and I feel I can detect peoples feelings beneath the words they choose and although my husband jokingly accuses me of being schizophrenic and paranoid.  I genuinely believe I can sense what people think, and what they mean behind what they say  – its hard to explain. I also have strong gut feelings about things too.

At the end of 2011 I became interested in Tarot cards and Angel Oracle Decks and began looking at the decks on this site http:/www.aeclectic.net/tarot/  to see which of the Tarot artwork I was drawn to. I decided I really wanted the Rider Waite Golden Tarot deck and set about ordering it and Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from Your Angels.

I received the Angel Oracle deck but waited and waited for my tarot deck – I never did receive them and I believe i was never meant to have them at that time. In the end my order was cancelled by Waterstones and I wasn’t all that bothered because while the tarot is interesting, the artwork sometimes amazing and I fell in love with The Fool’s journey (the whole meaning of tarot, but back then I felt it was more negative than Angel cards and the artwork on the Angel cards was just as beautiful – different story today though =) )

I also had a colleague at work who sometimes gave me a lift home and he also had his particular talents, he was open to me asking him a few questions, one of which being what are my specific gifts I have, if any, to which he replied; healing and clairsentience.

I looked up about clairsentience on youtube and found a video by Sherry Andrea on the subject which led me to join her website’s forum Enchanted Gardens: http://www.sherryandrea.com/forum/member.php?action=register&referrer=1093

There I met some lovely talented people and I am learnt a lot from them………………………………………………..and my Journey began………..

Now I have come further over time and my main interest is in Oracle Cards, of which I have many decks.
I also believe I channel through writing – especially when giving advice, connecting with others – the words just flow without me thinking =)
I can also pick things up when reading other people’s photo’s – have shocked myself there with that particular skill and would love to develop it.
I still love crystals and my new interest is herbs and traditional witch craft – I believe it’s more about me tapping into my inner magic and higher self.
My relatives who have passed communicate messages to me through my dreams and I can tell the difference between my dreams – when they are normal and when they are special ones.

Meditation is a repeated message I receive over and over that will help me develop in the way I want and need to. This is something I want to practice, as I have had some amazing results – receiving past life images at two points…

I am sure I will edit this soon enough lol…




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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for deciding to follow it. I appreciate your vote of confidence, and I hope you continue to enjoy visiting my site and reading.

    Your blog is interesting to read. I enjoyed it very much. 🙂

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