Reiki – Allowing Emotions to come through for Release

From 23rd Febrary:

Since doing reiki I have become more easily near to tears, more emotional. Before Reiki I would not be like this and would literally stop myself from feeling emotional and from crying.

Now i am near to tears quickly however I still have not cried, i think it is coming though. It will release a dam, some repressed stuff.

On another note I did my self Reiki session and it was very different from usual.

Less heat, less obvious. I felt a breeze around me at times and it was almost as if it was more internal, the music I did it to was pulsating in nature and it reflected in my body and in my visions which were of curves and rotating lines, at one point i felt I was rotating above my solar plexus.

While on my sacral area my heart began to make me aware and I realised i had accidentally skipped my heart area so I did that after.

I fell asleep while my hands were on  my lower back and ended up doing 6 minutes instead of 3 there.

At one point I saw a fire ball spread out in my minds eye.

I took my hands off my knees and did feel the energy flowing through – i had to check it was because it felt soo different.

Anyone else experience a change in how Reiki energy flows?

I have begun to practice drawng the SHK and HSZSN and practising Gassho.

I have requested a gift and drew the reiki sandwich over it so I have changed my practice a little and wonder if it’s that.


Author: staceymariej

32, Wife (married at 19 years old in 2003), Mum of one (born in 2004), Registered Nurse since September 2010. Started spiritual journey in November 2011.

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