My experience of my distance Reiki Attunement

I laid down a few minutes before 9pm on my right side resting on a pillow on the couch with my left hand automtically resting on my abdomen and right hand on top of left hand.

At first I felt nothing but within a minute or two I felt warmth and energy in my right hand and it felt like it grew and surrounded my hand in a ball.

My mind had flashes of images – a dragonfly in a bubble and a blue sky with white clouds and then I felt distractions popping in, I allowed them to come and go then felt them ebb away.

There was silence in my head at times and it felt beautiful then a distraction then silence again.

After a few minutes I fell asleep.

I remember dreaming about being at work in my ward but an old colleague from another unit was there and he looked awful, so ill, dark eyes, pale. We were talking about his brother and wife splitting up, I thought it was him at first but he said no however we are this close (hold his fingers a really small space apart) I was shocked and wanted to know more but how he looked concerned me more and I said he looked ill,  i really liked him in real life and was so worried for him in the dream. I asked him to come with me into a smaller space so we could talk more and i could look more closely at him, as i touched his back he was wet to touch, sweating profusely. I told him he must go to a doctor because something was seriously wrong.

I also dreamt of his mum (who I also worked with), she was meant to go to a wedding but didnt and she was telling me and showing me a product used as replacement blood used in jehovahs witnesses for example – I read the product and info and it seemed to fizz and expand when inside the body.

When I went back to check on her son again I really expected to find him collapsed where i last saw him. But was relieved to find he was not there. But very disappointed I could not find him. Still in the dream his friend mentioned he was ill, didnt have much time left especially if tonight he drinks.

When i woke up I swigged a load of water to ground and went to the loo. It was 22:35 and husband due home any minute.

As I stood up again I realised I was dizzy and very lightheaded.


Author: staceymariej

32, Wife (married at 19 years old in 2003), Mum of one (born in 2004), Registered Nurse since September 2010. Started spiritual journey in November 2011.

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