Daily Tarot Card – 4 of Cups for 21st June (Litha)


“What energy will my day ahead hold?”

Reality holds no interest, day to day, mundane activities, for example being back at work, leaves me feeling discontented and unable to appreciate free moments, my leisure time.
I have a lot at my disposal, to appreciate and gifts or solutions being offered to me but I am not interested or are unable to recognize them and ignore them.
Feel I am looking to what others have, can be – wondering if their life is better, feeling lost, uncomfortable in my own skin, with who I am.
I need to examine why I feel like this and take notice of what is being offered to help me and get out of my rut.
Could be basic things I need to look to.



Author: staceymariej

32, Wife (married at 19 years old in 2003), Mum of one (born in 2004), Registered Nurse since September 2010. Started spiritual journey in November 2011.

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