36 Lenormand Card Meanings 2

These following meanings are taken from the blog:

Helen’s Lenormand Dictionary


The words are hers but the photo’s are mine (as previous meanings post).


Card 1 (9): Rider

General: news, approach, delivery, communication, action, speed, movement, announcement, feedback, updates, return, renewal, declaration, imminent change, agent of change, new chapter, someone or something new, visitor, messenger, look at the following and previous cards to see what he is bringing and/or changing, motorcycle, bicycle, horse, jockey

Location: racetrack, stables, paddocks, freeway, floor, ground level, entrance area

Health: lower legs, knees, feet, health updates

Timing (houses): within 2 days

Timing (other): Tuesday, imminent



Card 2 (6): Clover

General:  🙂, ?, !, luck, optimism, opportunity, small luck, stroke of luck, lucky break, risk, reward, chance, second chance, fling, gambling odds, hope, wild card, fleeting, unforeseen positive turn of events, pleasant surprise, bonus, tip, perk, win, bargain, catch, lucky find, sweetener, boost, refreshment, plant, grass, herb

Location: betting shop, bargain store, junk shop, grassy area, herb garden

Colours: green

Health: etheric body, tonic, vitamins, natural supplement, homeopathy, recovery

Timing (houses): within 4 days

Timing (other): Sunday, soon



Card 3 (10): Ship (vehicle, long distance trip)

General: transport, travel, foreign location, motorised vehicle, change, movement, transition, transfer, long distance trip, journey, departure, separation, exploration, adventure, physical distance, overseas, international, spirit dimension, vessel, container, cup, bowl, carrier, medium

Location: foreign or distant location, vehicle, garage, parking area, airport, en-route

Health: liver, gallbladder, ambulance (+Tree)

Timing (houses): 3 years

Timing (other): Thursday



Card 4 (K): House (home, small building, website, family)

General: @, home, family, safety, household, domestic affairs, property, real estate, title (royalty and peerage), department, sanctuary, shelter, comfort zone, stability, support, location, address

Location: home, small building, small shop or business, small office, retail business, website

Health: bones, skeleton, clinic, health care facility (+Tree)

Timing (houses): morning

Timing (other): within a calendar month



Card 5 (7): Tree (health, cause of death, life path, past life)

General: life, health, development, physical health, spiritual health, environmental health, wellbeing, state, condition, healing, medicine, organic growth, patience, process, accumulation, karma, blueprint, template, deep-rooted issue, ancestry, organic products

Location: health care facility, spiritual place, forest, woods, garden, shady area

Colours: green, natural colours

Health: brain, mental health, healing profession

Timing (houses): 5 years

Timing (other): slow, gradual development



Card 6 (K): Clouds

General: ?, confusion, uncertainty, instability, chaos, something hidden or nebulous, ambiguity, yes and no, contradiction, feeling conflicted, doubt, changeable situation, thoughts, illusions, intellect, mental activity, cloudy rainy humid weather, multiples, contrast, incognito, discomfort, dust, smoke, airborne

Location: industrial area (pollution), sky, in-flight, border region

Colours: grey

Health: lungs, respiratory system, airborne germs and viruses, asthma, pneumonia, dementia, imbalance, difficult diagnosis, under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

Timing (houses): 6 years

Timing (other): temporary, delay



Card 7 (Q): Snake

General: !, problem, complication, betrayal, rival, traitor, jealousy, trouble, dysfunction, disorder, deceit, sabotage, detour, drainpipe, plumbing, hose, cable

Location: bathroom, detour, winding road or path, scenic route, river

Colours: green

Health: large intestine, digestive system, disease, illness, disorder, side-effects, complications, STD

Timing (houses): 7 years



Card 8 (9): Coffin

General: 😦, !, ending, emptiness, cancellation, death, stagnation, waste, trash, negativity, lack, bankruptcy, unemployment, black hole, void, gone, vanished without a trace, detachment

Location: dark and/or empty place, tunnel, cupboard, drawer, box, sealed container, dustbin, toilet, back door, exit, graveyard, terminus

Colours: black

Health: end of large intestine, anus, serious illness, depression, phobia, burn out, physical death

Timing (houses): immediately

Timing (other): Wednesday, ending



Card 9 (Q): Bouquet

General:  :), grace, pleasure, gift, beauty, charm, aesthetics, quality, refinement, joy, treat, granted wish, pampering, appreciation, recreation, fun, celebration, cosmetics

Location: beauty salon, hairdresser, living area, dressing table, garden, flowerbeds

Colours: multi-coloured

Health: face, hair, cosmetic surgery, recuperation

Timing (houses): spring

Timing (other): Monday, a birthday



Card 10 (J): Scythe (tool, weapon)

General: !, separation, decision, danger, removal, clean break, termination, stoppage, interruption, rejection, action, execution, shock, accident, mechanical procedure, knife, surgical instrument, syringe, tool, weapon, harvest, windy weather, lightning

Location: kitchen, operating theatre, tool shed, workshop, farmlands

Colours: metallic colours, autumn colours

Health: teeth, mouth, medical emergency, acute pain, injury, seizure, surgery (+Tree), biopsy, injection, dentistry, extraction

Timing (houses): autumn

Timing (other): Saturday, sudden



Card 11 (J): Whip (sexual orientation)

General: !, hostility, physical activity, repetition, conflict, row, anger, violence, threat, discord, arguments, strife, disputes, abuse, discipline, punishment, torture, physical exercise or labour, fast pace of activity, sports, competition, recurring action, alternating on off action, agitation, stimulation, busyness, congestion, physical attraction, sexual chemistry, sex, house-cleaning, rod, broom, addiction, multiples, stormy weather

Location: gym, sports grounds, disco, nightclub, brothel, busy heavy traffic area

Colours: red

Health: male organs, muscles, tendons, chronic illness, allergies, cramps, acid reflux, nausea, addiction, OCD, labour contractions, detox, physical therapy

Timing (houses): 2 years

Timing (other): Tuesday, very fast



Card 12 (7): Birds (meeting, interview)

General: verbal communication, negotiations, companionship, conversations, chat, telephone calls, excitement, small meeting, interview, speech, debate, media, date, visit, sales, couple, siblings, multiples

Location: telephone area, living area, TV or hi-fi area, nearby area (close proximity)

Health: vocal chords, throat, speech, therapy, counselling

Timing (houses): October



Card 13 (J): Child (young person, gender of unknown person)

General: young person, small measure, student, baby, childhood, innocence, lack of experience, learner, trust, spontaneity, simplicity, wonder, something new, early stages, infancy

Location: nursery, playground, kindergarten, school, child’s room

Health: chest, breasts, pregnancy, birth (+Storks/Tree), childhood diseases, mentally handicapped, dependent invalid

Timing (houses): shortly

Timing (other): beginning



Card 14 (9): Fox (employment)

General: !, employment, discernment, skills, job, work, employee, worker, caution, be aware and beware, intelligence, analyst, specialist, detective, criminal, con artist, spy, trickster, trap, deception, disguise, fraud, embezzlement, small animal

Location: workplace, police station

Colours: red

Health: nose, scent, further investigation may be necessary, second opinion, specialist

Timing (houses): December

Timing (other): Saturday



Card 15 (10): Bear (finances)

General: strength, finances, resources, protection, reserves, money, wealth, assets, capital, goods, possessions, abundance, supplies, stock, boss, management, provider, food, cattle, large animal

Location: kitchen, dining area, restaurant, bank, ATM, purse, wallet

Health: stomach, torso, muscles, physical strength, diet, nutrition, obesity, eating disorders, food allergies, tumours, weight management

Timing (houses): 10-20 years



Card 16 (6): Stars (technology, computer)

General:  :), guidance, plans, technology, design, direction, signs, navigation, new path, safe passage, clear skies, transparency, clarity, inspiration, hope, idealism, map, chart, strategy, goals, innovation, science, electronics, computer, television, natural talent, genius, magic, outer space, astrology, badge, medal, Judaism, Wicca, Islam (+Moon)

Location: North, computer area, attic, loft, altar

Colours: silver

Health: skin, healing, treatment, medication, radiation, chemotherapy, laser treatment

Timing (houses): night



Card 17 (Q): Storks

General: progress, improvement, milestone, changes for the better, gains, upgrade, advancement, promotion, recovery, relocation, additions to household, flexibility, adaptability, progressiveness

Location: chimney, stairs, escalator, lift (elevator)

Health: limbs, pregnancy, birth (+Child/Tree), improvement in health

Timing (houses): February

Timing (other): Thursday, change of season, the next period, milestone event



Card 18 (10): Dog (known person, known third party in a relationship, pet)

General: friend, acquaintance, loyalty, partner, companion, advisor, consultant, pet (domestic animal), friendship, intimacy, support, faithfulness

Location: living area, entertainment area

Colours: brown

Health: tongue, taste, doctor, therapist

Timing (houses): July

Timing (other): Friday



Card 19 (6): Tower (legal matters, company, institution, large building)

General: officialdom, corporation, restrictions, government, authority, law and order, legal matters, bureaucracy, rules, boundaries, military, captivity, institution, medium to large business, profession, hierarchy, ambitions, expectations, standards, aspirations, ego, status, arrogance, limitation

Location: large building, apartment building, office block, high rise building, shopping mall, border post, watchtower, legal educational or military institution, capital, city centre, upstairs, balcony, high shelf

Health: back, spine, hospital (+Tree), quarantine

Timing (houses): 1 year



Card 20 (8): Garden (group, event)

General: society, group, event, public, audience, large meeting, seminar, gathering, party, crowd, internet (+Stars), facebook, social media, business franchise, chain store group, public relations, club, network, team, class, nature, environment

Location: outdoors, garden, countryside, grasslands, park, public place, clubhouse, housing complex, suburbia

Colours: green

Health: immune system, spa, fresh air, group therapy

Timing (houses): lunchtime



Card 21 (8): Mountain

General: obstacle, delay, inactivity, barrier, blockage, challenge, enemy, impasse, lack of movement, apathy, silence, isolation, denial, paralysis, immobility, solid, discouragement, cold shoulder, aloofness, indifference, emotional distance, nature, rock, crystal, cold snowy icy weather, frost, ice

Location: mountainous hilly or rocky area (nature or ski resort), remote location, roof, cold snowy icy area, fridge or freezer

Health: head, blockage, immobility, constipation, paralysis, low blood pressure (+Tree), coma, handicapped

Timing (houses): January

Timing (other): delay, months



Card 22 (Q): Crossroad (local trip)

General: ?, decision point, alternatives, diversification, options, choices, free will, specialization, turning point, junction, indecision, hesitation, search, escape route, change in direction, multi-tasking, part-time job, mediation, multiples, local trip, walk

Location: road, traffic intersection, path, driveway, passage, within driving distance

Health: arteries, diagnosis (tests), treatment options, field of specialization, locum

Timing (houses): within 2 months



Card 23 (7): Mice (missing object)

General: !, damages, theft, stress, losses, expenses, decay, deterioration, destruction, erosion, corrosion, fear, nervousness, pest, nuisance, parasites, vermin, toxic health warning, manufacturing, labour, productivity, teamwork

Location: factory, workshop, studio, machinery, workstation, basement, slum

Health: nervous system, disease, decay, infection, virus, anxiety, stress, exhaustion, nervous breakdown, memory loss, health deterioration, ADD

Timing (houses): immediately



Card 24 (J): Heart (love life)

General:  :), love, desire, generosity, compatibility, affection, fondness, preference, favourite, object of affection, happiness, passion, bliss, kindness, giving, sharing, compassion

Location: central area, hub of activity

Colours: red, pink

Health: heart, blood vessels, organ transplant

Timing (houses): August

Timing (other): Friday



Card 25 (A): Ring (marriage, partnership, contract, valuables)

General:  :), commitment, contract, obligation, proposal, offer, marriage, partnership, union, merger, connection, alliance, bond, promise, engagement, vow, agreement, co-operation, trust, guarantee, payment, completion, solution, renewal, eternity, circle, circular process, control cycle, gift, jewellery, valuables

Location: dressing table, jewellery box

Colours: gold, bling

Health: lymphatic system, diagnosis and treatment with a high success rate, ongoing monitoring

Timing (houses): forever



Card 26 (10): Book (book, deck of cards, project)

General: ?, information, knowledge, secrets, data, journal, newspaper, file, report, accounting, project, case study, assignment, investigation, test, evaluation, audit, education, studies, teaching, research, expertise, unknown, hidden, confidential, surprise, mystery, the occult, memory, deck of cards

Location: study or office, library, bookshelf, school or college, quiet area

Health: brain, memory, test, scan, examination, investigation, clinical trial, medical records

Timing (houses): March



Card 27 (7): Letter (document, results, mail)

General: written communication, mail, document, message, correspondence, newsletter, article, results, contract (+Ring), certificate, award, diploma, cash cheque or credit card (+Bear), invoice, will, paper trail, photograph (+Lily), physical evidence, writing profession

Location: study or office, desk, mailbox, post office

Colours: black-and-white

Health: hands, fingers, touch, medical licence, prescription, sick note, X-ray film, lab results

Timing (houses): June

Timing (other): soon



Card 28 (A): Man (male person)

General: male person

Timing (houses): April

(Note that this card represents a male enquirer or the romantic partner of a female enquirer in traditional systems.)



Card 29 (A): Woman (female person)

General: female person

Timing (houses): May

(Note that this card represents a female enquirer or the romantic partner of a male enquirer in traditional systems.)



Card 30 (K): Lily

General: serenity, maturity, elders, peace, calm, Zen factor, contemplation, release, letting go, rest, slow pace of activity, retirement, experience, wisdom, parents, seniors, older generation, tradition, vintage, cold snowy weather

Location: retirement home, nursing home, cold snowy area, fridge or freezer

Colours: grey, white

Health: eyes, sight, ears, hearing, aging disorders, slow recovery, frail care, nursing home (+Tower/House)

Timing (houses): winter

Timing (other): very slow, lifetime



Card 31 (A): Sun

General:  :), success, energy, illumination, achievement, excellence, victory, glory, big luck, vitality, enthusiasm, motivation, courage, will, self-confidence, charisma, egotism, electricity, heat, warmth, light, exposure, visibility, publishing, conscious mind, left brain, masculine

Location: tropical sunny resort location, desert, lamp or electrical area, fireplace, oven

Colours: yellow, orange, gold

Health: physical energy, solar plexus, sunshine

Timing (houses): summer

Timing (other): Sunday, day, morning



Card 32 (8): Moon

General: romance, arts, recognition, falling in love, euphoria, intimacy, desire, seduction, emotions, sensitivity, fantasy, dreams, imagination, creativity, entertainment, advertising, intuition, psychic abilities, subconscious mind, right brain, feminine, awards, fame, honour, spotlight, intermittent, regular cycle, ebb and flow, Islam

Location: bedroom

Colours: silver

Health: female organs, hormonal system and disorders, cyclical disorders, insanity, under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

Timing (houses): evening

Timing (other): Monday, soon, a lunar month (4 weeks)



Card 33 (8): Key

General:  :), !, solution, mastery, significance, success, certainty, access, code, password, breakthrough, discovery, revelation, epiphany, aha moment, flash of inspiration, insight, clue, sign, miracle, cure, emphasis, destiny and dharma including spiritual forces that help us to grow and overcome karmic imbalances, karmic lessons, security, synchronicity, the soul

Location: doorway, gate, locked space, safe

Colours: indigo, violet, purple

Health: cure

Timing (houses): November



Card 34 (K): Fish (business, self-employment)

General: commerce, transaction, independence, business, investment, industry, trade, exchange, self-employment, consulting work, freedom, movement, flexibility, expansion, liquid, water, alcohol, rain, ocean

Location: shop, place of business, swimming pool, bath or shower or sink area, bar, lakeside area (nature resort), river, coastal area, port, beach, island (more humid than Anchor area)

Colours: blue

Health: kidneys, bladder, dehydration, water retention (swelling), fertility issues, alcoholism, dizziness, loss of balance, health insurance

Timing (houses): 4 years



Card 35 (9): Anchor

General:  :), stability, perseverance, safe arrival, security, settling down, immigration, home base, legacy, standpoint, lifestyle, overcoming difficulty, determination, ocean

Location: base, station, harbour, coastal area, port, beach, island (dryer than Fish area)

Colours: navy blue

Health: hips, pelvic bone, stable condition

Timing (houses): September

Timing (other): long-term, permanent, years



Card 36 (6): Cross

General: :(, !, distress, sacrifice, religion, pain, suffering, sadness, despair, sorrow, remorse, regret, difficulty, burden (cross to bear), ordeal, crisis, trauma, victim, guilt, grief, SOS distress signal, dogma, faith, charity, mercy, selflessness, devotion, talisman, prayer, Christianity

Location: church, holy place, sacred space, altar

Health: lower back, paramedic, chaplain, volunteer

Timing (houses): immediately

Timing (other): Wednesday



Author: staceymariej

32, Wife (married at 19 years old in 2003), Mum of one (born in 2004), Registered Nurse since September 2010. Started spiritual journey in November 2011.

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