Passing On – A Journey, Not A Dead End.

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Jacobs Ladder by WilliamBlake

Having seen spirit as a child I always knew that you didn’t stop “being” when you died. It wasn’t the end of you, you continued to exist but beyond the vibrational limits our earthly eyes were able to perceive. Unfortunately this knowlege was of little comfort to me  when I began to experience the death of those I loved. By the time I left High School I had “lost” my mother,my father, a much loved uncle and a few very close friends. In my head and also my heart I knew they had gone on to a better place. I had already seen many people die. Death wasn’t hidden away in those days, it was seen as part of everyday life. Birth, marriage, death and everything else in life took place in the community or rather the extended family of the neighbourhood in which you lived. Everything was shared, the good times and the bad…

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Author: staceymariej

32, Wife (married at 19 years old in 2003), Mum of one (born in 2004), Registered Nurse since September 2010. Started spiritual journey in November 2011.

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