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Last night I was worried about my night shift, I always get nervous beforehand especially if I haven’t been in the saddle for a while. I do bank night shifts as a nurse on hospital wards but have also been doing clinic days for over a year now and have an interview on Friday for a part time job in clinic. The last night I did on a ward was the 7th January.

Before heading in I silently called to my spirit guides, asking for a nice, quiet and easy shift. Then I asked for some specific things explaining I was nervous and needed assistance to stay calm.

On the ward we had extra staff which is unheard of and not one was taken away plus I was not moved to cover a contingency ward like usual – a very good start.

I was allocated 6 patients – normally as bank I am given one of the acute bays in that ward anyway so less patients then the main sides of the ward.

I found out 2 of my patients were confused and one was physically abusive, having swung punches at 2 members of staff. And both patients had created havoc all day before I took over.

I was given one of the more senior hca’s to be one of the 1:1’s and later was given another for the other patient.

So did my usual routine and we all got on with doing what we needed to.

The aggressive patient turned out to be extremely calm and polite, even if he did have delirium and ended up sleeping all night waking up only occasionally.

The other one settled to sleep after an emema.

Only a third one was restless on and off but all in all a settled bay.

I had also asked my guides to allow the charge nurse to remain on the ward most of the night and if he did have to go to a&e with the stroke bleep to do it when it was quiet and not busy.

The charge nurse was in a&e at the start of the shift for a couple of hours but remained on the ward the rest of the night.

It was one of the best shifts we had in a long time, my hca said the best he has had in a year I believe.

I was so grateful to my guides that I was given everything I asked for and more.

Very happy and thankful indeed x

Results have Quickened – Quan Yin

Have not read something that has helped me so much at the perfect time in a very long time xx have to share x


We come to you today to give encouragement and understanding of what is taking place energetically at this time. The waves of energy streaming into your planet will continue and they will not lessen. Though as your form adjusts to the higher frequencies you will feel relief. We understand that many are weary and want this constant flow to stop, especially those who have awoken quickly and are plowing through the layers within. Look deeply and honestly within yourself and ask if you would be happy to stretch this process out or are you the type to want to move quickly.  Trust that your soul knows what is best and how much you can handle, even when you think you cannot go on one more day.  The true strength and perseverance that lies within each of you is amazing and needs to be celebrated.

Timelines are condensing and collapsing to…

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Mindfulness June Challenge [2]

Question: What am I attached to?
I drew: Mending

I am attached to holding on to pain by not fully understanding it and allowing myself to learn from it. I think I have forgiven and moved on for it to come back again at a later time. It is time to mend things for good, for my peace of mind. To heal myself.
How to do this properly is going to be a learning curve and I am sure a lot of inner work and meditation is due.

Mindfulness June challenge [1]

Ok, I need to do a huge catch up with this challenge.
So for day one the question is:

Where in my life am I suffering?
I drew Milk & Honey in the protection position (reversed).


“A nameless unease compels you to turn to pleasure and comfort as a means to escape what is really going on.”
This is incredibly true – I have this permanent feeling of being on edge and very anxious and I mean it when I say it never leaves me. It drives my actions, every negative thing I think, say and do is based on this feeling.
I do try to escape this fear through all sorts, mainly my phone/facebook groups but I never escape it. It is a continuous struggle to stay calm and centred because it does effect every area of my life.
My negative actions do make me feel guilty.
I have no idea of the cause or how to address it.
The guide book says I need to practice self care, have compassion and love for myself  To turn to Spirit and hand my troubles over to them for Divine healing.

June Challenge


Found this challenge on Instagram by ethereal_tarot. I always find these challenges when they are done half way through but I still plan to work my way through it.

I will post separately for each question and the card I receive using Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

Fertility Fork on the Road…


I decided to ask my deck;
What do I need to know to successfully become pregnant?
I receive Fork in the Road and tells me I have to make a decision to go forward one way or another.
To not make a decision is also a decision.
So I know that I can either go on the way I am  – continue eating junk, not lose weight, not go back to the Dr’s, not take metformin, not attempt to take clomid to ovulate.
Or I can clean up my act and do all of the above plus Reiki, meditation more regularly etc
Either choice has it’s own set of lessons and therefore no decision is wrong.